Club Policies, Rules and Regulations


All play must be scheduled.  

Reservations for the use of the tennis courts are made through the Tennis Desk (text: 760-902-0716, or voice: 760-318-1716, or in person), up to seven days in advance.  

Courts may be booked for one and one-half (1-1/2) hours and doubles play has priority over singles play when court availability is limited.  You must have at least two players to reserve a court.  Individual players are put on the side to be put into matches.  Reservations for the use of the tennis courts on any given day will be allocated on a first-come/first-served basis, without distinction between Full-Season Members or PSTC Resort Guests, or texters, callers or walk-ins.

The Tennis Desk has the prerogative to arrange and rearrange the court assignments continuously in order to optimize court usage and traffic; therefore, special court assignments will NOT be guaranteed.

The Tennis Facility, viewing areas, and the patio area at Spencer’s Restaurant are smoke-free environments, including all tennis courts and surrounding areas.
Courts 2 thru 9 may be scheduled through the Tennis Desk for evening use and are lighted until 9:00pm. The lights are turned on by a push button on a light pole and will stay on for approximately one hour.  When the red light above the button comes on, the lights will go off in approximately ten minutes unless the button is pushed again.


If members or timeshares arrive after the Tennis Desk is closed and want to play tennis, they must sign in on the afternoon/evening courtsheet which is on a clipboard at the hut by Court 4.
Proper tennis attire must be worn at all times by all tennis players, including children.  
Players shall act in a courteous and proper manner toward other members, guests and staff at all times.

Game Arranging:  The Tennis Desk staff arranges games based on player requests and levels.  Starting at 7am we will begin answering phones, processing texts, and taking requests from people in person.  We need your name, the name(s) of other people in your group if any, desired times of play, your level and contact information.  If you want us to find people for your match, we will use our best judgement and experience to match you with people of the appropriate level.


May be scheduled for one hour or half-hour at the Tennis Desk, and may be used only when courts are available, and using them does not preclude people from playing matches or taking lessons. This usually means that, in-season, when morning courts are full of matches, the use of the ball machine is restricted to before and after prime match time,



We have two pickle ball courts (shared with tennis) on Court 11 and all court times must be scheduled.


  • Players:  Only PSTC Time Shares staying at the hotel or PSTC Tennis Club Members may make reservations and must be playing during the session.  Guests are welcome under the reservation time.  

  • Court Availability:  Court 11 is used for both tennis and pickleball.  Because of the noise involved, pickle ball will not be available until 10:30am, even if tennis players are not playing on the courts.   Courts 10 & 11 will remain locked at all times when the courts are not reserved and in use.  Please contact the hotel front desk or tennis desk/pro shop with questions.

  • Reservations:  All Pickle Ball court times are reserved through the tennis desk (760-902-0716 (text), 760-318-1716 (phone), or in person).  

  • Nets:  Are on the courts and should be put back along the fence of the tennis court after play. 

  • Paddles and Balls:  The resort desk has paddles and balls that can be loaned for use.

Each guest of any Member will be allowed to play up to ten (10) times per season at the rate of $10.00 per day.  Payment must be made in advance at the Tennis Desk.


The guest of the Member must play with that Member with each Member being allowed only one (1) guest in any 24-hour period.   A guest cannot play if their playing precludes a Full-season or Timeshare Owner member from playing. 

Family Membership members will be treated as having two individual memberships for this purpose. However, if both Family Membership members have guests playing, each of the two family members will be required to be on the court with each of the two guests.


All tennis players, including children, are required to wear apparel designed and sold specifically for the purpose of playing tennis.

This includes: 

  1. Only tennis shoes made specifically for the purpose of playing tennis are allowed when playing on the courts.  Black-soled shoes (unless made for tennis) or running shoes are NOT allowed on courts at anytime.  Soft-soled shoes (not specifically designed for tennis) scar the courts and are prohibited. 

  2. Men shall wear tennis shirts that have collars; or solid color T-shirts with sleeves;  or "made for tennis" T-shirts that include the logo of a Tennis Manufacturer or Tennis Organization.  Tennis shorts may be plain, but must be made for tennis.  No sweat-shorts, cut-offs, bathing suits, jogging attire, or workout clothes will be allowed.  Shirts must be worn at all times. 

  3. Ladies shall wear tennis dresses, tennis shorts, or skirts with "made for tennis" tops with or without collars; or solid color T-shirts with sleeves or any "made for tennis top" that includes the logo of a Tennis Manufacturer or Tennis Organization, and tennis shoes as stated in Number 1 above.  No halters, sweat shorts, denim shorts, cut-offs, bathing suits, jogging attire, or workout clothes will be allowed. 

  4. Players with non-conforming attire will not be allowed to play. 

  5. The Tennis Desk Staff will interpret and enforce the dress code, and their decision is final.



  • Proper tennis etiquette and conduct is required of all players using the tennis courts.

  • Members shall act in a courteous and proper manner toward other Members, guests and staff at all times. 

  • Players are expected to be punctual for their matches. 

  • Loud, boisterous, or profane language, both on and off the courts, is strictly prohibited.     

  • Be thoughtful. 

  • Always bring a new can of balls to every match.

  • Mistreatment or abuse of tennis courts, facilities, or equipment is strictly prohibited. Purposefully striking nets with racquets or intentionally hitting balls into windscreen curtains to practice serves or strokes is strictly prohibited.   

  • No activities shall be sponsored, conducted, or permitted in the areas adjacent to courts1 through 9 other than those that are incidental to the normal intended use of tennis courts and facilities (except for Tennis Club sponsored activities).  

  • Failure to comply with these rules may result in removal from the premises and/or suspension or revocation of membership.     


  • The Fitness Center is open 7am-10pm, seven days a week.

  • The Fitness Center is open to all members 16 years of age and older for open training, unless a scheduled class is in operation. 

  • All Members must sign a one-time release of liability waiver prior to undertaking any form of exercise.

  • The Fitness Center is open to all Palm Springs Tennis Club Members and Resort Guests.

  • All Members using the exercise equipment do so at their own risk.

  • Members are asked to wipe down all equipment following use.  Members are asked to replace all equipment to where they found it.

  • To prevent injuries, any malfunctioning exercise equipment should be reported to Management immediately.

  • Members/Guests abusing or breaking any of the equipment or marking walls or floors will be liable for repair or replacement of damaged property.

  • The Fitness Center is a smoke-free environment.

  • PSTC Annual Members are to sign out a key to use the Fitness Center from the Tennis Desk. The key will be registered in the Member's name and the Member will retain the key to facilitate his/her use of the Fitness Center.  Please be sure that the door locks behind you when you leave the facility.  Resort Guests use their room key to access the Fitness Center.

  • Outside music or equipment is not allowed.

  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the Fitness Center.

  • The Fitness Center is not responsible for valuables and other personal articles that are brought or left on the premises of the Fitness Center.  Members using the facility should not leave valuables and other personal articles on the premises unattended.

  • Appropriate exercise attire must be worn at all times. Shirts and shoes must be worn in the Fitness Center. Sandals and canvas shoes are prohibited. No bathing suits are allowed.

  • Only designated trainers, approved by the PSTC Resort, are allowed to offer personal training at the Fitness Center.

  • All personal training is by appointment only.

  • The maximum time allowed on the cardiovascular equipment is twenty (20) minutes if  people are waiting to use them.


  • The pool and spa are open from 8:00am- 9:00pm, seven days a week.

  • No children under the age of 18 years of age may be in or around the pool or spa area.

  • No dogs or pets allowed in the pool or spa area.

  • The pool and spa are open to all Palm Springs Tennis Club Members only and to PSTC Hotel guests.

  • The pool and spa area is a smoke-free environment.

  • No amplified music allowed. Please use headphones.

  • All Members using the swimming pool must abide by the rules posted in the swimming pool area.

  • Diving is not allowed under any circumstances. 

  • Glass containers are not allowed at poolside.

  • The Palm Springs Tennis Club is not responsible for valuables and other personal articles that are brought or left on the premises of the pool and spa. Members using the facility should not leave valuables and other personal articles on the premises unattended.

  • No food or beverages may be taken into the pool area unless purchased at Spencer's Restaurant.

  • Members or PSTC Hotel guests are not permitted in the pool if they have a cold, cough, fever, infection of any kind, inflamed eye(s), skin rashes, or are wearing bandages.

  • Members with physical or neurological disabilities (or a responsible adult accompanying that adult) must advise the professional staff of such conditions.

  • For your own safety, please do not use the pool if you are alone.

  • Running, wrestling, pushing, dunking, roughhousing, or towel snapping are not permitted anywhere in the pool area, including the locker rooms.

  • Snorkels, fins, masks, kickboards, weights, children's pool toys, and inflatable devices are not permitted in the pool unless permission is obtained from the professional staff.

  • Gum chewing is not permitted anywhere in the pool or spa area.

  • Proper bathing suits are required. No thongs or Speedo's are permitted.


  • Dogs will be allowed on the patio walkway running along courts 1,4 and 7.

  • All dogs must be leashed. 

  • The behavioral code for dogs is the same as for members. Their conduct cannot unreasonably interfere with the enjoyment of the Club by any Member.

  • Termination or suspension for excessive barking or unruly behavior of any type will be immediate.

  • Dogs are restricted from the pool, spa and fitness facilities.  No pets or animals of any kind are allowed on the tennis courts at any time.

  • Remember, in Palm Springs it is unlawful to leave a pet in a car:  Palm Springs Municipal Code, Title 10 ANIMALS, Chapter 10.22 UNATTENDED ANIMALS IN ENCLOSED VEHICLES **  10.22.020 Violation *

* "It is unlawful for any person to leave, unattended, any animal within an enclosed vehicle. (Ord. 1308 § 3, 1988)"  
** ""Enclosed vehicle" means a vehicle with structure on top and all sides. An enclosed vehicle with open windows or doors shall be deemed enclosed for purposes of this chapter."